Autumn flower in Japan

Cosmos flower is the one of typical Autumn flower in Japan and it’s very popular. Some city / town councils encourage people to sow the seed at waste land 🙂 As result, when the plants start blood min the flower, it’s so beautiful then the city/town can get tourists.    


Sake — yes , It is Japanese alcohol, made from rice. Likewise “wine” “beer”,  Sake has also different flavour or taste , depends on the area. So that there are many different Sake bleweries all over Japan. They ( in photo ) are the local Sake , where I now live and work , very… Read More Sake

One of “Japan’s 31 most beautiful places”

  This shrine has been famous .. because of CNN article. It’s only 50km away from my home ( takes 1 hour or less ) . It is beautiful. But , MUST come here early morning, otherwise it’s full of tourists nowadays. Of course there are any great places in Kyoto, Nara, Osaka or… Read More One of “Japan’s 31 most beautiful places”

Being alone

I miss my parents and my sister. Even though it’s around 25 years ago, but still I remember clearly when my mother’s doctor was trying to perform CPR.. And her hands were still warm but he told me she had gone… Some years later I became a nurse then I understand her condition ( cancer)… Read More Being alone