Being alone

I miss my parents and my sister. Even though it’s around 25 years ago, but still I remember clearly when my mother’s doctor was trying to perform CPR.. And her hands were still warm but he told me she had gone… Some years later I became a nurse then I understand her condition ( cancer) how it’s like..

Life is tough.. Being alone is the most terrible. That’s why I have kept myself busy to work. But in some occasions , I can’t stop thinking my parents and my sister and it’s hard to stop crying. Even I cry, nothing has changed.

I have been a bit stronger than before, because my ex boyfriend didn’t care when I felt alone, when I cried.. He just ignored me and hanging around girls ( which I found out later) .. So I had to stand with feeling alone as the reality. I might have to thank him.

Luckily I have had many friends and I have got my job to keep me busy..

When I die , I am sure my family will pick me up .. like when I came back from the UK, my father always pick me up.

How people manage the feeling as being alone ..?



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