Spring rain

It’s raining today, a bit chilly.. But my tulips are ready to bloom 🙂 Nowadays there are lots of different colours, petals and heights tulips. I took this photo at Amsterdam airport when I was back from Spain. Advertisements

Lunch 30th Mar

Towards to weekend, my fridge has been getting ” empty ” 😀 I go to a local farmers market on my off day , recently it’s Friday or Sunday. So I wanted  to clean ( eat ) up all dishes I cooked a few days ago.. Croquet ( easy to freeze ), cauliflower sabji,  cooked… Read More Lunch 30th Mar

Spring night

“Cherry blossoms ” , it’s typical symbol of Japanese spring. Actually there are many different ” cherry blossom ” .. colour, petals, heights, .. Some of them start to bloom late March which is quite earlier than others , and thier colour is strong pink.  It’s also beautiful at night 🙂  Moon and cherry blossom 

28th March 

Today’s my lunch box 🙂 The cup is Wakame ( seaweed) and okura soup. Busy day at work again. Lunch time is important, it’s not only ” having a lunch”.. but also great time to have a natter with my workmates 🙂

Last night 

I talked with my sister … in my dream last night. She told me ” Don’t worry to sleep alone “. Then I said ” I know there are monsters.. I don’t want to be alone “. Actually she passed away 15 years ago. Even in my dream, I want to see her, I want… Read More Last night 


I don’t make up much. I do a bit but not much.  Because  1. I am lazy too lazy to choose them 2. Especially in the morning, I want to sleep , not spending time to make up. There are many famous Japanese cosmetic companies, such as Shiseido, Kose, SK2 etc. But nowadays Korean cosmetic… Read More Cosmetics