Life in Japan

many beautiful places I visit and I live, but NOT Tokyo or Osaka.

I used to live in the UK for 10 years and more , also lived in Spain and Australia.

Each country has its own culture and beauty.So I don’t compare with any.

Just now I am in Japan and I want people know about NOT famous , but beautiful hidden places in Japan.. No Pokemon, no Sukiyaki , no Ninja ( lol ) ..I am not Anime person..sorry …

Because I have worked for palliative care ( even when I was in England ) and also because all my family already passed away, so I have been left alone, then I  often think about ” what the life is for”.. Even I have left my Boyfriend, who is Spanish in Madrid, after 7 years relationship.. because many of the fact which he has slept with girls and says ” I am always yours” to everyone.. Well, it is a kind of lesson to learn how idiot I was to try to continue our relationship for 7 years , it’s enough as being idiot I was. I really trusted all of him .. but it’s painful to know I was just ” one of them” in his mind..

when I die, my body will be just burnt and no grave.. Because I have no one to take my funeral. I really don’t mind. People are alone when they are born, when they die.. Even I’m not afraid of the death. Because my parents and my sister are waiting for me at thier world..

Just I want to write down as my note what I saw.. what I felt.. as a proof I lived.