Buddhist Memorial Service

2 years ago today, my father passed away.

I was working when I got a call from his nurse. Ironically when he stopped the last breath, I was taking care of another patient.

Today , because of the 2 year, I had to do the memorial service for him. Normally all family gather for the service but it’s only me.


To have the service , I had already got an appointment for the priest. And I prepared some flowers and his favourite fruits and sweeties .

At the temple, the priest prayed for him, then he told me some stories about Buddha , also how we have to be, etc.

Time is flying by. Already 2 years…




4 thoughts on “Buddhist Memorial Service

    1. Thank you . But to be honest it’s quite sad, actually. Because all my family passed away and I am the only person to do. When I die, no one do any for my family.. Even no one do my funeral.. As you might know , Japanese funeral is very much like “family event”…

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      1. We have rather a similar situation. My ex was chonan from Sado. He chose to live in Michigan on a green card. Then he committed horrible crimes and went to prison (he had been an exec at Mazda)…so there is no one but a resentful older sister who is married into another family to take care of everything. The 500 year old estate is fallow.


  1. I’m sorry to hear that..

    In my case, my ex husband ( British ), he was using very naughty website ( swingers site.. so to speak ) behind my back. ( I was so shocked when I found out all the truth what’s going on) When we divorced, he sighed on the paper for the settlement to pay me , but as soon as our house ( in UK ) was sold, he disappeared with the money without paying me. He is police officer though.. But I didn’t try to find him. I didn’t want to get any stress…

    Later,I had got a boyfriend but in his case he has got into CouchSurfing website to hook up girls ..
    Life is cruel sometimes but that’s life and these are the task to overcome for my life to make us stronger..


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