Back to Japan The temperature is around 27C. My back garden has lots of cherry tomatoes. ( my neighbour watered them during my holiday. ) Wearing the nurse uniform makes me feel “Holiday has been over….”. But I have to work anyway ..to get some pennies , that’s life .

England 2

Traditional meal Typical “traditional” English breakfast is like this … I don’t eat any meat products , so mine is vegetarian breakfast .. those sausages are vegetarian sausages. Beans on toast, fried tomato, mushroom, egg , sausages and bacon … it is English breakfast. The price is , it depends on the shop and the… Read More England 2

England 5

I visited the town where I used to live. I always have dreamt the place , where I used to walk , ” footpath”.. get through a huge farm, field and then across a small river …. it’s full of nature and so therapeutic. I really miss it . So I tried walking there again.… Read More England 5

England 3

Birmingham When I came to England ( about 20 years ago ..! ), even it’s a big city but not has a big shopping centre. It’s been changed. I lived in a small town , taking 3o mins by train from Birmingham. But I didn’t visit there often. Anyway , at least the church is… Read More England 3

England 1

This is Ulverston, Cumbria. This is the first time for me to come to the northern part of England, even though I lived in England for 10 years. It’s amazing .. really nice ! Very ” Beautiful English town” . The B&B is also fantastic !! This building is built in 1857. Its used to… Read More England 1


I’m back to the U.K for 1 week from today. Yes , it’s ONLY 1 week I can get as holiday .. but never mind, it’s better than nothing. My schedule is, From Japan to Seoul , Seoul to Paris , then Paris to England ( Birmingham ). Due to the cheap flights, I have… Read More England


In Japan , we have ” rainy season”. It depends on the region when it start. Okinawa is the first place to start, and it is around end of May or June. Normally June to July is the typical rainy season. And hydrangea is the symbol of rainy season. Still not much rain at the… Read More Summer