Residents only ….

Nowadays COVID19 has been back again and many of big cities have got more patients of COVID.

The government encourage people to “travel around” this summer .. I know it’s economical reason but the project threatens small cities/islands where are many elderly but very few hospital.

For example, our city ( 4 islands make the city ), nearly 40% of the population , the age is over 65.

At the moment no COVID patients yet.

But people are so terrified if anyone tourists bring COVID in here.

The ferry ( the photo above) is the life line for people ..

Today , I’m day off 🙂 , so I went to local library. It’s open for anyone but nowadays it’s for the local residents only.

There is the fish market near my work , it’s popular so that there are many tourists.

So … we can’t go there… Most of my colleagues( nurses ) day ” Too much risk to get infected by COVID”. If really really we need to go, in my case, I go there as soon as it open (8am), before the tourists come.

This is 5 mins away (on foot ) from my flat.

The bright yellow cheer us up.

I hope this disaster will be end soon as possible..


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