quiet beach and lunch

It’s a beautiful sunny day today!

I went to Suo-Oshima Island , which is only 30 mins away from my flat in my car.

One of my friends visited me so I took her there.

As you can see, the water is like crystal.

Just near by the beach, a fisherman was selling some big oyster .

The size is like my palm.

The fisherman said they are around 3-4 years old and of course they are “wild” and “natural”.

He cooked them for us.

One is as “raw” , the other is “slightly grilled “.

—— omg —— sooooo yummy !!

My friend, she is from Tokyo, she couldn’t stop saying ” nooo I can’t believe it ! The beach is ever so clean and quiet , the food is so fresh and ever sooo tasty !!! And cheap ! ”

Of course you can get anything in Tokyo, I guess. But here , the freshness and the price ( very cheap ) are superb.

There is a local restaurant just nearby the beach .. we had a lunch at there.

The restaurant says , their lunch menu depends on what they get from their fishermen or farmers on the day.

All ingredients are local produced, even rice ,miso, soy sauce and sea salt.

¥1500 for the lunch as the photo.

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