Golden week !? But no tourists

I know it’s “10 days national holidays “this year, and many touristic places are very busy.

Here? No, not at all. Well, it doesn’t matter with how many national holidays is, because my job has only 2 days off in 7 days …

Anyway , today is just one of my day off.. but my LAST day off working here.

So my best friend ( we have been friends since we were in high school ) visit me 🙂 Even though she has lived in Hiroshima city since she was an Uni student , but she never visited this island…. just 30-40 ferry.

As soon as she arrived, we went to a small local Japanese Sushi bar … it opens only 3 hours for lunch time.

Today’s special ¥1300( include the fish dish )

The menu depends on which fish the chef has got from the local fisherman.

I don’t know how much it will be , if it’s in Tokyo.. but I bet ¥1300 is very cheap.

After having a lunch, I showed her the island. Quiet beach with blue sky… Hiroshima city has been packed with millions tourists ( According to the local news, Miyajima has 220,000 tourists within 1 week ( this week ) !!!! ). But here it’s soooo quiet.

Oranges are one of the main products from the island and now the island has full of orange flower aroma.

Just near by the beach, there is a small cafe.

The view is so therapeutic.

The island can’t be found from TYPICAL tourist information for tourists … but it’s easy to access from Hiroshima city like my friend came.

You can rent a bicycle at the port and enjoy riding a bicycle around the island under the blue sky seeing the sea.


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