Spicy meal

It’s December .. the temperature is around 15C , it’s getting colder and colder.

Having some spicy meal is perfect in winter.

Today I found a pack of soy bean sprouts at supermarket. Its perfect for making Korean meal, which is nice and spicy.

There are some different bean sprouts.

And this is the soy bean sprouts. It’s written in Korean.

When people talk about Korean meal, most of them are ” Korean BBQ”. But actually Korean meal has full of vegetables.

And this is Chinese chives , it’s called as ” Nira ” ( ニラ , 韮 )in Japanese.

I use deep fried tofu , instead of meat to make the soup. ( actually it is with rice ).

Also Kimchi ! It IS spicy but it’s necessary !!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog !
    Spicy foods are very popular in Japan as well as in England.
    As you know, it’s good for you to warm up during the winter. But also it’s good for improving the metabolic system our body.
    Take care and enjoy xx


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