Things in September 

Time is flying , init !!? 

Where is Summer !? It’s autumn already .. I hope everyone has been well .. even though lots of natural disasters…

This summer, I had been keep working almost everyday due to working for 3 places. 

It’s one of our days at lunch time ( work ). Lots of rice crackers, buiscuits, chocolate, sweeties, crisps etc etc. We enjoy 🙂 them after having a lunch .. Just munching them and having a natter .. Its important for us even just 20 mins. Working for the moment which is quite “tense”, “emotional”, ( due to palliative care unit), we must have the time to release the tense. 

Dragonfly ..

Big mantis

These insects are nowadays quite “rare”.. because many places for Wild life have been destloied.. Now autum and they prepare for thier next generation.

Full moon 

It’s one of typical “autumn” words. Maybe it makes people feel melancholic or sentimental ..

In Japan, each season is very unique and each season has thier beauty. Many people prefer autum or spring, because the temperature is around 20-22C which is very comfy for us.


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