Lunch box – the 1st week May

It’s the best season in Japan .. it’s not too hot, not too cold, flowers are everywhere and lots of summer vegetables start being on market ! 

New month starts , so my monthly budget starts as new. My budget for food (buying vegetables , eggs, milk, tofu etc ) is ¥10,000 per month. I cook almost all each meal by myself. Once or twice a month, I go out to eat with my friends.

I was a bit busy this week , so I didn’t have a time to go to the local market.. But it’s a good chance to clear my fridge anyway. 

The centre of the rice, the red one is called ” Ume boshi”, it’s pickled Japanese plum ( it’s different from “plum” in England ). Well, it’s not only tangy but also a bit salty. 

This Japanese style traditional condiment is believed to be a digestive aid, prevention of nausea, and for systemic toxicity, including hangovers. Green ume extract is used as a tonic in Japan. The citric acid is believed to act as an antibacterial, help to increase saliva production and assist in the digestion of rice. Additionally, umeboshi is claimed to combat fatigue (historically given as part of a samurai’s field ration) and protect against aging.[7]

My friends say “Without any meat products, to cook each meal is impossible !!” But here I am 🙂  


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