Koi carps 

Koi carps are quite expensive in the UK..

In Japan, yes if you want to get specific Koi carps, it’s expensive. But normally you can find them everywhere.

There is a ditch , it’s go through houses in  a small town. But the water is very clear and clean naturally ..

And many koi carps enjoy the stream freely 🙂

By the way, there is no CCTV .. ( lol ). But no one steals them. My British friends say ” If it’s in England, one night , all gone ..” 

But I think it’s used to be more Koi carps.. My friends ( live the town ) says “Some people from another countries ( not tourists, they came Japan to “study”, but in fact they don’t study and work illegally. ) , they took those koi carps to eat ! “.. I don’t know it’s true or not.. But anyway I hope we can keep this beautiful town …


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