It’s my sister’s favourite flower.

When I got the most saddest news in my life, which was my sister’s death, I was in England.

I booked the flight to Japan imediately and I remember she told me she like the flower. In my garden ( in England), I planted cornflower and still it had some flowers ( it was in July ). I took them and wrapped , and thr end of the stem was also wrapped with wet cotton ball.

Inside of my suitcase was just those a few flowers only.. I wanted to put the flowers into her coffin. Because, in Japan , cornflower is in May..So July is too late.

When I arrived her home in Japan, she was already in the coffin… It seemed like she was sleeping as usual… But her body was ever so cold. I couldn’t believe it why she had to die.. I don’t know but maybe my mum felt sorry for her and took her to the place to feel peace..

My cornflower was fine after 13 hours travelling from the UK.. I placed the flower next to her.

Actually , the day of her funeral was ever so boiling sunny day.. the temperature was around 35C .. Typical summer day. So I remember there were some sunflowers showing shining yellow colour at her home..

It’s been 16 years now… But it’s like yesterday .. I miss her ever so much..


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