Lunch box 4th week April 

This week was so busy at work.

As soon as I finished dinner at home in the evening, my brain switched off any body movement and shut my eyes ..

I used to work much longer hours but nowadays I can’t. I’m easy to get’s called as “age”, init ..?! Sigh…

Again, left over pasta .. But I warm it up by microwave.

And tonight dinner

It’s 29th April .. My monthly budget is now very tight because it’s before payday .. Anyway, it’s good to clean the fridge.

I use some vegetables (which were left )to make this vegan curry 🙂 …shiitake mushrooms are like brown mushroom ?! They are baby shiitake 🙂 I bought them from farmers market last week.

Falafel — I made them last week and kept in freezer 🙂 Today ,I just fried them. It’s common to have falafel with pita bread.. But it’s “budget day” and ” spring clean fridge day” .. 🙂


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