Bread making on Sunday

Lazy Sunday morning , which I need recharge energy.

My cooking and everyday’ meal is very “cosmopolitan “. Of course I cook traditional Japanese meal 😉 but also Chinese, Indian , Mediterranean, Spanish , Mexican and Korean meal too. Mainly, where I have been or recipes from my friends from those countries.

Sunday morning, when my father was still alive, it was “toast, boiled egg, fresh lettuce (from garden) and English tea”. It’s his habit. ( and weekdays were, typical Japanese breakfast )

Last summer I was back to England for 2 weeks and almost everyday my friend made breakfast for me ( I was spoiled 😀 ). It was porridge with lots of fruits and nuts.

I was not a great fan of porridge but everyday I enjoyed them, to be honest. Well, he is a professional chef , it’s a big advantage.. 😀

Now , it’s only me.. So sometimes, it’s toast and coffee, sometimes it’s typical Japanese , sometimes it’s pancake and coffee …

Bread , just from oven … yum yum

Simple bread .. But simple is the best 😉


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