Why I blog ?

Because this is my diary. Not for the blog competition ..

And when I die, still this notes and photos will tell you how a person felt the day, what a person saw.. I know when I die, no one will remember me to talk after my funeral ( actually I think , no my funeral because no family or relatives to organise my funeral).

One of my best friends, she passed away because of cancer, when she was only 40. She and me , used to blog together about healthcare issue. Even she passed away, when I read her blog, it’s like she was still alive and talking to me. She doesn’t die in the international world.. When I miss her so so much and want to talk her, I read her blog. It’s never got new topic anyone though. Some people read her blog by Google etc and they don’t know she has already been not this world.

Next year today, where I will be ( I think still I will be in Japan but not sure which part in Japan) ? what I will do .. ( still work as nurse ..I think ) ? Still I will be patient with the long distance relationship ( it’s been 8 years ,next year)?


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