Cafe con leche

Espresso machine has been popular in Japan. But I like to use “machinette “.

I am not keen on espresso .. But I wanted to make ” cafe con leche” like I enjoyed taking it in Madrid.

“Cafe con leche” is one of the Spanish words I studied at the course ” Spanish for beginners ” 🙂

When I was back from Spain to England after finishing Spanish school in Salamanca, my flight from Madrid was delayed due to “terrorist attack “( it’s in year 2000 ). We were already on the airplane but had to wait inside of the aircraft for 2 hours.

A flight attendant ( male ) was serving drinks for us.  The flight was from Madrid to Frankfurt . ( I had to change flights at Frankfurt to Birmingham ( England)). Most of the passengers were Spanish.

When the flight attendant asked me what I would like to drink, I said

” Cafe con leche porfavor ”

But he said ( shouted , even )

” cafe con WHAT ? ”

I said again ” cafe con LECHE ”

Then he shouted

” This is German flight ! Don’t speak Spanish !! ”

I could not believe it what he said. But it was true. Because I was with my friend who is British and also he said ” I can’t believe it ”

Finally when we arrived at Frankfurt, already we missed the fligh to Birmingham.. So we were waiting for our suitcase. When we were waiting, 2 German police officers came to me and asked

” where are you from? Your flight ”

I said ” from Spain ”

They asked ” what did you do in Spain ?”

I said ” studied Spanish ”

Then , suddenly those officers asked me all questions in Spanish..

At that time, I could speak Spanish more than now, so that its ok…

My friend said ” Maybe they wanted to check your answer ( as studying Spanish in Spain ) was true or not ”

Well , it’s 17 years ago.. Not many Japanese people studied Spanish in Spain ( nowadays, of course many people do ). So he didn’t expect me to speak Spanish ?

Now I have lost confidence to speak Spanish.. I am always afraid of being checked each mistakes. It might be great to be checked the mistakes but in my case it cut down all confidence… 😦

I miss the days when I enjoyed studying Spanish .. I really do.


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