Rafaneto / radish

Just under £1 !! for 1 kilo of fresh radish at a local farmers’ market.

I couldn’t resist those lovely colours 🙂

But what can I do for 1 kilo of the radish !!?

I made pickled radish and the leaves are ..boiled–minced cut — stairfried with sesame oil, soya sauce and Mirin , they can be kept for 4 or 5 days in fridge. Mix them with white rice .. for lunch 🙂

Radish leaves contain lots of vitamins and minerals ( especially calcium).

I will make more dishes tomorrow as ” tsukuri oki 作り置き “つくおき” .. because Thursday and Friday are typical busy day shift day .. I need to prepare for meal in advanced. 

Also, I bought ” takenoko” ( 竹の子 ) bamboo shoots today. It’s Spring only 🙂

Even it takes time to prepare to eat but it is worth  🙂

I boiled them today , then leave them until tomorrow morning .. So the preparation time is around 12 hours. 

Of course you can get them as already boiled , vacuum packed bamboo shoots anytime. But the seasonal one and fresh boiled one is totally different. 

Off day tomorrow too. So I will spend almost all day in my kitchen tomorrow:)


2 thoughts on “Rafaneto / radish

  1. You know what s also great with radish? Salad! And feta cheese and olives and whatever you want to add. But these four go perfect ‘hand in hand’ i just had a big mixed boul, yum

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    1. Yes !! 🙂
      Salad is also the best !!! Now ” seasonal onions” are available. So it’s great combination! Radish and those onions too 🙂 .. Problem is, even I bought 1 kilo of radish for £1, but I live alone. It’s a bit difficult to eat all of them.. Reluctantly I made those pickled radish ..
      Awww… Feta cheese, olives and fresh vegetables… Lovely xxxx


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