My birth anniversary plant

When I was born ( I was the first baby for my mum , still 21 years old at that time), my grandmother ( my mum’s side) came here to help her. And she planted a calla lily as my birth anniversary. .. ( that’s I was told from my mum)

Still the calla lily shows the flower every year ..


I remember this story told by my mum.

My grandmother ( mum’s side) got stomach ulcer but she was too busy to go to hospital. My mum’s family was a very big farmer family, manage huge rice field and even as a mine owner. Even the doctor told her ” the ulcer is very serious , you must take an operation ” but she couldn’t. She had many things to do. At that time, if you took those kind of operation, you had to be in hospital for 2 months. (Nowadays,it’s only 1 day ! Or just a few DAYs .)

Instead of taking the operation, she went and stayed at a temple for 1 week. Clean the temple and meditation..everyday. And eating lots of “cabbage ” every single day .

1 week later, she went to see the doctor.

The doctor was ever so surprised and asked her

” Ok, tell me which doctor or hospital you have been ? I won’t be upset, just tell me where and who ? The ulcer is gone completely ”

She told him about the temple and meditation but the doctor didn’t believe it.

She was very religious person..


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