The tide and “life”

It’s the low tide and also “Spring tide” yesterday ( and “full moon ).

It might be just a “superstition “.. but when it’s the low and spring tide, some patients die at ward in hospital.

And when the tide is the high tide, babies are born. 

The moon and the sea is affected with human body. So even its might be ” superstition ” but personally I think it’s true. 

Today 3 patients were gone almost the same time , it’s unusual for our unit.

Even though thier condition were not good. But just a few days ago I talked one of them. ( 2 off days I had , and back to work today ) He was smiling and waving hand as usual, when I said ” See you on Thursday “..

One of my best friends is midwife, taking care of “new life”. And I am nurse for palliative care.. So it’s “opposite “.

But people are born alone and left is the same.


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