The reason why I love him

I still love my (ex) boyfriend , I can’t deny it.

One of the reason why I love him  is ..

He always enjoys my cooking, never ever left any meals.

One day, I cooked stairfried rice …but to be honest, it was not successful, because of the water in Madrid is ” harder ” than Japanese water. So when I cooked rice, already it was not good to cook.. But I didn’t have a time to cook rice again.

It was the worst dish in my life, but he ate all .. Never complained.

When he eats any meal, he always appreciates them.

Even when we go out for meal or having a coffee at bar, he is polite to order, never being snobby.

I don’t eat any meat products but he understands and never take a Micky out of it.  And he tried to find vegetarian meal or some fish dishes.

It’s quite important about the issues related with ” meals” “eating habits “.. Because it’s everyday.

Now he is back to me again. I do not expect him too much anymore. I am just happy to have a person who I love. If he want to leave again , I will let him go. But I will have him in my heart , nobody can take my memory away.


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