Lunch box ( the 1st week April)

Ever soooo busy at work.. When I’m back from work, I’m totally shuttered… Normally lunch time is only 30 – 40 mins only this hospital. ( when I worked for another hospital, lunch time was 1 hour. I think it depends on the nurse manager )

I use seasonal vegetables. The local farmers sell only seasonal vegetables from their farm. When we go to supermarket, we can buy cucumber, tomatoes even in winter. But they are summer vegetables. I just follow the nature.. Summer vegetables are for summer ..  Now the weather is getting warmer ( here, it’s around 20C ), then tomatoes are on the market:)

Now beautiful celery!! They are on season. I can not resist the beautiful green. I stir fry celery with olive oil ( or sesame oil ), a bit of soy sauce and sesame seeds. It can be kept in fridge for 3 – 4 days. Of course I love celery as salad but I can use thier leaves this stairfried recipe.

I get up 5:30 am and leave home at 7:00am to work. To prepare my lunch , it’s only 15 mins , because I have prepared them night before.


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