At last 

This year, Sakura ( cherry blossoms) has been delayed to bloom .. 

The last year on today , it was full blooming ! But this year is not ..

But at last it starts to show the flower little by little.

2 years ago, I took my father to a park when there were many Sakura.. I was wondering if this year was the last time for him to see the flower. And it was, actually. 

I think, Sakura has very special energy for Japanese people. So that many people ( patients at hospital) say ” until I see Sakura , I don’t want to die ” ” When Sakura start to bloom, I will be ok” etc ..

Even yesterday, one of our patients said..

” I want to see Sakura, I want to feel Spring sunshine….” 

Next week, when the weather is ok, I’m going to take the patient to outside of our ward ( there is a small park ) , maybe by a wheelchair. 


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