These days of youth…

Hahaha it’s typical to say  ” These days of youth.. ” when we are getting old.


When I was in England , my budget to live was only £10 per week and at that time the exchange rate was £1 = 250 yen ( now it’s only 130 yen ). So the life was very tough for me.  I lived as “lodger ” and it’s £50 per week included bills. My landlady was working for a factory as nightshift and she NEVER cooked anything, so the kitchen was mine 😉

One day, I wanted to eat some muffins but it was “4 muffins for £1.95” at a supermarket ( ASDA , I think ). For me, its out of my budget. But I bought it. It was too sweet and too much oily taste.

Since then I have started to baking muffins by myself. It’s much cheaper and much healthier..

The tough life gave me many opportunities to try to do interesting things ..

I don’t know , nowadays those spoilt youngsters could stand with “tough budget ” , but find a fun in the life ?


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