Lunch 30th Mar

Towards to weekend, my fridge has been getting ” empty ” 😀

I go to a local farmers market on my off day , recently it’s Friday or Sunday.

So I wanted

 to clean ( eat ) up all dishes I cooked a few days ago..

Croquet ( easy to freeze ), cauliflower sabji,  cooked egg ( soaking boiled eggs into soya sauce and Mirin mixed ), stir flied lotus roots 

Salad — marinaded red cabbage, celery, tomatoes and ice plant.

Ice plant looks quite unique.

The leaves have many drops of water, but actually it’s not “drops”. 

When you eat, not boil , not cook, JUST eat them as raw.

Texture is like a bit cucumber and taste is slightly salty, it contains lots of mineral.

Normally ( in this area my hometown), Spring to early Summer is the season for this vegetables. 

It’s was super busy day at work. Lunch time was only 30 mins 😦 

Even I was on dayshift, when I left , it’s around 19:00 already. Very tired physically but mentally I was not so tired. I have got really nice work colleagues 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lunch 30th Mar

      1. Almost certainly I learned this from my Japanese days. My mother always cooked huge batches of food that were very bland. It was was hard to image making them new. I actually think we have several hundred a month from my ability to make food alive alive again.

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  1. These cooking skill also make us think about ” don’t waste food ( vegetables)”.
    We cook them while it’s fresh and also use every parts ( leaves, root etc, as long as they are edible ).
    Nowadays lots of new recipes but how many people think about ” not waste food ” and also ” use seasonal local ingredients “..


  2. I am not a recipe cook. I’m instinctual about what goes together and what doesn’t. Recipes cause waste unless maybe you cook special “recipe” a week and then use any leftovers to enhance during the rest to the week. Leaning how to substitute too is a great skill. What really matches? You have to think about flavor and texture.

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    1. I agree with you.
      Cooking is ” creation”.. Of course if you never ever cook anything before, it is great to use recipe book though..
      Not only “cooking”, but also any other things , nowadays people tend to rely on “manual book” “instruction” , and just follow it.


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