Learning another language

I started learning Spanish in January, 2000, when I was in England.

I am a ” slow learner” and Spanish ( and English too) is totally different language from Japanese. So , in my opinion, making many mistakes is one of the process to learn.Then when any each mistake is pick up by anyone, it “destroys” the confidence about the learning ( in my case ).  When I was in Salamanca ( Spain ), our teacher told us to use only Spanish even our class was ” basic Spanish “. She was very patient. She didn’t mind our mistakes and encouraged us to speak as much as possible. Then we could learn more and really enjoyed learning Spanish.


When I started teaching Japanese at a local college in England, I encouraged our students to speak Japanese as much as possible. I didn’t pick up each mistake one by one never . If they made a big mistake, I told and explained it though. I wanted our students to enjoy ” learning Japanese ” , likewise when I studied Spanish in Salamanca.

I used to try to speak ( or write) Spanish more. But since when each mistake was pick up, and when even very basic Spanish ( such as ” thank you — Gracias ” ) was translated into English , I totally lost confidence. Eventually I stopped talking ( and writing) with the person.

( the other hand, my ex boyfriend is also Spanish but we used English only for our communication. Very occasionally I spoke Spanish and he said ” very good Spanish !! ” never pick up my mistakes to speak) Because it was NOT language exam.  Of course , to make communication, language is essential. But do you ask a toddler to speak perfect language to understand each other ?

People are different. Some people want to be corrected each mistake one by one. Some people ( like me ) don’t.  But the main thing to learn language is ” enjoy”..


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