Spring has come

Even the temperature is not enough “warm” ( it’s around 14 – 15C ) but many flowers start to tell us ” Spring has come !! ” at my garden.

Every year in late summer or Autumn, I plant some tulip blubs but always I forget which colour .. If I write it on label , it’s ok but even I forget. Never mind.. It’s a kind of surprise when I see the flower.. ” Oh yes, yes I bought red and yellow” etc.. 

Yes , last year, I bought purple tulips !! And some “mixed” colour.. 

In my garden, there are 2 camellia trees and both are my grandmother’s. One of them is more than 50 years old. And the other is around 40 years old, I think. Even my grandma passed away 20 yeas ago ( I can’t believe it.. such a long time ago ?!) , but still both trees are fine and show me many flowers ..


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