Because I used to live  and took education in the UK, worked in the UK and got through many life events …. I want to be back to the UK. 

I know the climate is not stable, living cost is expensive, food is …:( , but still I love England.

I had ” foster patents” , they were lovely couple. Always they took care of me.. She always baked a big carrot cake for me whenever I popped in their house. She encouraged me to work for a local hospice and it dramatically changed my life ..the experience is priceless for my profession as nurse… She always said ” You are our precious adapted daughter “..but also they both passed away and the house was sold. 

It’s been 10 years since I have left England .. I am back there every year.. Visiting my friends to catch up each other is important for me. 

If I can, I would love to be back to Engkand again to live and work someday.

Well , still the UK border has got me through the airport as “immigrant” 😀


4 thoughts on “..England

      1. Yes it’s no VAT. But many vegetables are imported from Spain, France, Italy etc . So it’s not cheap. Plus as you know the UK will leave EU. So the price will rise …

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