It’s been 8 months since I have left ( or let him go )…

I must accept I still miss him so badly. I know I have made a right choice .. but those 7 years has gone …  I know he doesn’t miss me..  It’s only me to feel difficult to realise the reality.

This is the last view of Madrid for me.. The view from his apartment.. He might leave there with other girls or still stay there .. I don’t know. I really miss him but I can not be back there because I know it’s over.

Maybe I will take this thoughts to my coffin..

We were lying down the ground at  park in the morning summer day .. The sky was clear blue.. But my eyes were full of tears because I knew our relationship were towards to end.

These photos of Madrid , each of them I can remember the moment clearly..

My last visit Madrid in July…

I never ever regret our relationship. I still think I am lucky to have him in my life.

But it’s over ..


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