Grandmather’s orange tree

My grandmother always told us ( my sis and me ) …

” Of course you must study at school and read many books. But if you can feel, listen, smell and see the nature by yourself , not just  the knowledge from “books” , it is more important and that is the study” 

Therefore , she planted many medicinal plants and fruit trees. I remember, there were fig, pomegranates, kaki, orange, monkey Apple, grape etc etc.

The Orange tree is ever so strong. It’s already more than 40 years , I think.

But every year, it gives me lots of fruits. We have never used any chemicals , so it’s almost “wild” ish.. Lol 

Last year, I could not take care of them at all. I was too busy at work and when I could take a holiday , I was away to Madrid in July. So I didn’t expect there were so many fruits on the tree ! 

In late May to June, the tree has got many white flowers , the smell is gorgeous. It is called ” Neroli”..I understand why neroli is one of the ingredients for many fragrance. 

Talking about “fragrance “, there is Gardenia  tree .. full of sweet fragrance when the flowers bloom.


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