I had been away from Japan for a while and staying northern part of Spain. I have visited Spain ( most of them were Madrid ) 10 times or more. But since my ex bf and me broke up , I don’t want to visit Madrid anymore, because he lives there.

For holiday , I would like to stay where I can understand ( even just a little ) their language. I don’t speak French ( no idea), German .. I understand Italian because it’s similar with Spanish but I mish -mush both in the end..

So , Spain is still comfortable for me to stay , then this time I decided to stay Galicia.

I often visited the church and cathedral. It’s very quiet and made me feel very calm.

Also I went to local market to buy some vegetables. ( that’s why I needed to their language )

Galicia has got everything.. vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and wine.. All local. And the variety of fish at their market was very similar with Japan. But much much cheaper than Japan !!


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