Machu Picchu (ish ) in Japan ..!?

I am not keen on doing outdoor activities .. such as trekking, camping etc .. No.

because of anaemia ( I get very short breath at high altitude and my anaemia is quite severe).. And my laziness.

but some of my young (! ) friends made a plan to take me to ” hill walking”.


This view .. !!

Machu Picchu ..ish 😀



Ummmm … well … I said, ” ish”, didn’t I ?

But when I sent this pic via Whatsapp to my friend in Peru with message to say as joke ” Estoy en Machu Picchu !!! ( im in Machu Picchu ), my Peruvian friend believed it ..!!

well, this is ” real” Machu Picchu.

NGS Picture Id:2201249If you would like to visit Japanese Machu Picchu, it’s in Kyusyu Island , Oita pref.

This area has a full of ” nature”.. And not many tourists:)


note: I went there in Spring. It’s nice because mountains are full of fresh green 🙂




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