Typical Japanese working hour ..

It’s quite common to work longer hour without taking a rest in Japan.

When I was working for a big tyre company   ( Bridgesto**) as occupational health care manager, everyday I worked until 21:00 ( stared from 7:20 am ! ) but the company paid only 5 hours for overtime A MONTH.

One day, my mother saw my payslip ( at that time, my mother was still alive ..) and said to me ..

” Ok, you say you are working at the office until 21:00 then back home 22:00, but your payslip says it’s only 5 hours as overtime. Tell me WHERE you are hanging around every night !!!? ”

I explained her but she didn’t believe me. A few days later, I was in the office as usual to do tons of paperwork , it’s around 20:00.. And my boss told me ” it’s phone call from your mother .. ”  Yes , my mother check if it’s true or not I’m still working or not ”


Today , it’s “Day 6 ” .. Tomorrow is ” Day 7″ … Then at last it’s day off ( the 8th day). 7 days continuous dayshift .. I know it’s a bit tough, but it’s better than 36 hours job ( only 3 hours rest ) 2 times a week , which I used to take.

End of the day 6 … The view from my work ..It’s very quiet and soothing.



2 thoughts on “Typical Japanese working hour ..

  1. Gorgeous view! I used to work terribly long hours, but qualified for 0 overtime. Very similar time frames as you, but luckily I had a passion for what I did, my reward was the opportunity. 🙂 So glad you are able to find beauty in your rough schedule, I know it can’t be easy.


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog:)
      Every each job has ” tough” side.. But as you said , even the tough working condition, when we feel it’s as “opportunity”, it’s very positive and important key for our life 🙂


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