Miso soup

Miso is one of the most important ingredients for traditional Japanese cooking. It’s not only for miso soup but also using for fish , meat dishes as well.

But Miso soup is the most common recipe to use miso and the taste of Miso very much depends on the region in Japan.

For example, Kyoto area , their miso is white and less salt. Nagoya area, it’s reddish brown and quite salty ( for me ).

Some of miso are made of rice, soya and salt, some of them are made of soya ,wheat and salt.. But many of miso which are very “manufacture product “, they contain many chemicals.

The miso I use , it’s made by a village farmers’ using thier local rice, soy beans and salt. Nothing more than them.  But it expires in 6 months because no preservative chemicals.

Miso soup is typical meal for breakfast in Japan. Normally we also cook some seasonal vegetables , tofu , wakame( sea weed ) in it. I think it’s great .. because we can take minerals , protein from miso soup and also it gets our body warm from inside of the body to wake up 🙂

Asian ladies are tend to be taken “younger” than the real age 😉 .. I guess because of these fermented soya beans food. Korea and China also have thire own culture to make / eat Miso in thier food.


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