Do you believe ?

Tide and “born ” or ” death”

do you think it’s related ?

I personally think so. Because when it’s high tide flow, many babies are born and when it’s low tide, patients pass away..

I don’t say “everyone””always” but it happens often.

When it’s ” Super moon”, my friend ( she is midwife) said “It was ever so busy “..!

When think about our body physiologically, it’s related with “sea” and “moon”, as the cycle, as the containt..

Today , when I go to a garden centre , it’s just near by the sea, I noticed the tide had been very low ( ebb )..


When I was a child, my parents used to take me and my sister there to “clamming” .. To dig the sand, I went to further and further then my mum said ” There is NO toilet there! You must stay around nearby the beach !!! ” 😀  I think I was still 4 or 5.

Now this shore is not open to public for clamming anymore .. But whenever I came here I remember what my mum said about the toilet 🙂



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