Modern “Sashimi”

Yes, Sashimi is ” sliced raw fish ( or shell fish) “. Of course they should be very fresh and be prepared properly.

The traditional Sashimi dish is,


They always are served with thick soya sauce and wasabi paste.

Last night I went out with my friends to have meal and catch up each other.

And the restaurant served Sashimi with olive oil and fresh herbs .. It was really nice!


And “Sake” was served like “Cocktail” with fruit.

imageWe had some of those sashimi dishes, 3 different big salad , cheese, pasta, rissotto and those drinks ( and beer ).. How much ? 3500 yen ( around £25 or US$ 34 ) per person.

By the way it’s NOT in’s in Fukuoka, which is one of the big cities in Japan, located western part of Japan.

Ven a la isla Kyusyu 🙂



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