Day another day


Autum morning

very calm .. the river surface is.

How many more days I have to be in this world being alone..I have missed my family.

Christmas and the new year are just around the corner.. People stay the days with family.. It reminds me of being alone. So , I choose to work on those days, it’s better than being home.


How people do cope with the loneliness ?


3 thoughts on “Day another day

  1. Christmas in London sucks if you are alone, but in Japan it’s just a normal day except that people have parties. It might be better to go traveling or go to a bigger city etc to keep you distracted and there might a chance to meet someone new!

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      Since my father passed away , I work on the New Year’s Eve and the new year day … Travel to somewhere during those period , it’s too expensive so it’s better to work 😀 .. Hospitals are open 24/7 ..


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