Lunch box

I bring my lunch when I am on shift. Many people buy thier lunch at convenient stores ( Seven Eleven, Family mart, Lawson etc) on the way to come to work.

Buying lunch st those shops is ok but I wonder if it’s everyday, I would get tired of it and it’s quite expensive.

I enjoy cooking and I live alone so that I don’t want to waste food. Sometimes I make my lunch using leftover but it’s still nice. I do not eat any meat and meat products .. So it is another reason to not eat those lunch at the shop.

Yesterday I made “Chilli sin carne” so I bring it as my lunch again. But also I made “Tofu hamburg” 🙂

Rocket, cucumber and baby tomatoes with Spanish salad dressing.( I take the dressing separately)

And wholemeal tortilla 🙂 and a sliced cheese.


And the most important thing is , having a natter with my colleagues during lunch 😀

Working  for Palliative and terminal cate unit is quite tough .. But I am do lucky to have great colleagues to work with. Even just 1 hour but we catch up each, laugh and have a coffee too.. That is the main thing 🙂




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