Lunch at the village restaurant

On the way to move back to my hometown, I popped in a farmers’ market. And there was a small restaurant next to the market.

They use local vegetables , local tofu ( home made tofu using local soya beans and local sea water ) and new harvest rice 🙂


* the dark green topping on the rice is seasoned seaweed ( wakame )

it is only ÂŁ4 ( or US $6 )


I worked for the village hospital to take care of dementia elder patients as 3 months contract , beside working for breast cancer patients and terminal cancer patients once a week at city hospitals ( I went there from the village taking 2 hours by car) .. I miss the village..

As soon as I was back from Madrid, I wanted to make me busy as much as possible to not think of my (ex) boyfriend in Madrid..

Now I am back to my house , and back to my normal work routine.. just the one’s my soul to love him. Still I feel empty but that’s life.



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