Shuukatsu –A Modern Japanese word

Because I have no family, so I have to prepare my end of life by myself while I can think, I can write..I am going to see a solicitor next month about my Shuukatsu.

Shuukatsu 終活 is one of the modern Japanese word.

“Shuukatsu 終活 means thinking about how to lead your late life and end your life. As you know, Japanese people live long. Aging population is sharply growing. The baby-boomer generation is already in their 60s. Many of them are struggling with taking care of their parents and in-laws or have an experience of it. They often hear of family troubles after parents and in-laws pass away, such as family conflicts over inheritance. Under these circumstances, many people over 60 are willing to think about and decide how to lead their late lives and end their lives when they still have judgement so that their families will be able to avoid nasty battles. According to the news, many books and magazines relating to 終活/shuukatsu have been recently published. Some of them are enjoying good sales. Specifically, the magazine called 遺言書キット/Will kit and the notebook called Ending notebook are engaging hearts and minds of a wide range of ages. The former illustrates how to make a legitimate will by yourself, and the latter gives you an opportunity to think about their late life.”


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