Madrid … The place I lost my soul

I really miss Madrid so badly …

Even when I left there this summer in July, my eyes were full of tears because I found my boyfriend’s “activities” with many girls..and he showed very cold shoulder. He is Spanish living in Madrid..

Madrid has had full of my memories for 7 years. But most of them were quite sad memories.. I still don’t understand if he really loved me or not , even he said he did. Because I found he said the same to other girls..

I was not idiot as he thought so that it was quite easy to find out the final evidence, even he thought he could hide them.

He often picks  up the girls at the airport from other countries as “tourist”…the girls they are from the website CouchSurfing who want to stay with him ( !!) but he hardly pick me up. Even when my flight was delayed ( from England to Madrid ) 4 hours then arrived at Madrid 1:30 am, he texted me ” no I don’t come to airport , use Metro” . There was an American guy next to me on the flight and he was kind to check the Metro timetable on his iPhone .. And he said ” there is no Metro, it’s too late night ” even the guy didn’t know me and my boyfriend but he asked me ” Why he doesn’t pick you up ??” …I just said ” because of him..typical of him”  .. I begged my boyfriend then reluctantly he came to the airport.. But as soon as we arrived at his flat , he disappeared to call to someone .. And he left me alone at his bedroom, there were full of “things” from the girls..

I do not think the girls from the site know my story or he had me.. Well , even if they knew, they don’t care. And it’s not my business any more.. Maybe some of the girls might suffer from the same sad feeling with me though. And he keeps playing as his choice.


Since I left, he has never contacted me.. I know he doesn’t miss me. I don’t know where our 7 years has gone … Just only me who feel empty.. But I know I have made the right decision to leave the situation.. rather than feeling being left out. It’s over anyway …

I won’t go to Madrid anymore… If I go to Spain, maybe another city ..

I don’t wish bad things for him. But I don’t wish he is well .. Just I want to forget him and I want to delete all my memory about him , that’s my wish.



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