The “Real” miso

imageI know “miso” is quite popular in England and we can get them at any supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s etc, not only “Health shop”. But they are not “real ” taste, I am afraid to say. Too many “chemicals” in it.

Miso is like ” cheese” in England. I mean, the taste depends on the region, and there are many varieties.

In Japan , the taste ( and the main ingredient ) is very different when we compare the norther part of Japan and the middle and southern part. The north tends to be a bit salty.

I found the local produced miso at the local farmers’ shop. They grow soya beans, rice etc for the miso and also they use “salt” it’s local fisherman made.


Because they don’t use chemical preserves so it’s only 6 – 8 months to keep.

Miso is not only to make miso soup but also we use them for another meal too.


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